About Counselling

Attending counselling for the first time may be a difficult step for you because of possible feelings of stigma around mental health, being seen as weak or unable to cope, feeling that there is something wrong with you or just not knowing what to expect.

Counselling can give you the chance to talk about problems and difficulties you are experiencing with someone who has been trained, someone who listens and cares and who gives you the space and time to address your issues at your own rate. Person-Centred Counselling involves building a trusting relationship between you and me, so that gradually you feel able to discuss whatever troubles you, safe in the knowledge that you will be heard with respect and understanding.

I will not give you direct advice or tell you what to do but by exploring together some of your difficulties, your own insight and awareness can be developed. This may lead you to feel less stuck, alone or depressed and able to recognise the choices that you have, to bring about change in your life.